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Company Introduce

           Dongguan Panheng Precision Semiconductor Mould Co., Ltd was founded in 2000, and its predecessor is the Dongguan Yongcheng Precision Machinery Factory. Our company has been committing to manufacturing and studying the parts and accessories of semiconductor IC packaging moulds (MGP mould/Auto moulds), it’s the first factory that takes POT and PLUNGER as the leading products in China, assembling a team of several hundred highly skilled and experienced staff. During the many years of operation, we have accumulated advanced productive technologies, and imported advanced Japanese process technologies with advanced processing equipments and high quality raw materials, serving our customers with precision, good quality products with full specifications. Our products enjoy good reputation and are widely used.
               In order to lower the costs, Panheng Precision Semiconductor Mould Co., Ltd pushes forward a new concept: Old products to be reused. To enlarge the inner diameter of the used pots, and to equip with new-made plungers, and the service life of the renovated parts is as long as the new ones, which can lower the costs by 20%,  creating economic values, gaining customer trust and good reputation, and achieving win-win situation.

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