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Pot Plunger

  • Product No: P-2005
Detail Description:

Pot  Plunger

It keeps compressive strength and wear resistance even at a high temperature by using tungsten carbide of ultra-fine powder as an apparatus which compresses heating resin in the I/C auto assembly process.
Also it has superior durability due to minimized frictional resistance by realizing 0.5 micron roundness of inside diameter and ultra-fine surface with ultra precision processing. Our company is equipped with a bulk manufacturing system from ultra-fine tungsten carbide to final processing for all types of TOWA, YAMADA and FICO in order to satisfy our customers with the best quality.
Product Properties Excellent durability by using ultra-fine tungsten carbide powder Maintenance of equal dimension due to precision processing technology and quality control Ease of repair and maintenance due to perfect compatibility among cavity.

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